I have listed some of my favorite talks and a brief quote from each.


An Educated Conscience

“If you’re confused about a matter, be true to that which you know is right, and in the Lord’s time and according to his purposes you will be given enlightenment and understanding regarding the matter you were confused about. It may be a big decision or it may be an intellectual problem that you have on your mind.”

The Holy Ghost often works through our conscience. In order for us to hear the whisperings of the spirit we must always do what is right so that our conscience may be clear and active, ready to receive and respond to inspiration.

Grounded, Rooted, Established, and Settled — Neal A Maxwell

“With the Holy Spirit as our guide, our conscience stays vibrant and alive. Things which we had never supposed come into view. Seeming routine turns out to be resplendent. Ordinary people seem quite the opposite. What we once thought to be the mere humdrum of life gives way to symphonic strains. Circumstances or a mere conversation which look quite pedestrian nevertheless cause a quiet moment of personal resolve, and a decision affecting all eternity is made.”

We must learn to find joy in the journey which includes finding joy in the ordinary. Happiness that is found in the spontaneity of life, and the surprises of adventure are easy to find however they are not lasting. Joy found in the daily labor of family life and serving God are far more rewarding but come with a price that is paid by hard work and determination.

Sacrifice Still Brings Forth Blessings — Harmon Rector, Jr

“From this it is apparent that sacrifice, no matter how disagreeable it may be, is absolutely vital, for it is the only means the Lord has provided for his children to gain the faith and assurance necessary to successfully return to his presence in condition to enjoy eternal life.”


Settle This in Your Hearts — Elder Maxwell

“Likewise, as Jesus begins to have a real place in our lives, we are much less concerned with losing our places in the world. When our minds really catch hold of the significance of Jesus’ atonement, the world’s hold on us loosens.”


Teach Them to Understand — Elder Bednar

“Here is the hard doctrine. It does not say to teach our children. Teaching is an activity. It says that we should teach them to understand.”