The following links will direct you to posters that display some of my research as an undergrad at Brigham Young University. Both of these projects deal with sociological issues and highlight the importance of understanding our nature as human beings. Both topics are related to and give insight into some of the doctrinal teachings found in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

Fathers Be Good to Your Daughters

I found a positive significant correlation between the father-daughter relationship in adolescence and the daughter’s perceived self-worth in young-adulthood. Self-worth is not affected between biological father-daughter relationships and nonbiological father-daughter relationships. Having a good relationship with a biological father in the home or a good relationship with a father-figure in the home will yield higher self reported “self-worth” results in female young-adulthood.

Socially Constructing Our Identity

Individuals who are well-rounded and therefore have found “optimal distinctiveness” (when an individual finds a balance between being different and the same as their peers) may be grounded enough as individuals to feel confident exploring new paths and behaviors.